Chem. 4300 - Physical Chemistry

This is the first of a two semeseter undergraduate physical chemistry course.

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Instructor: Philip Grandinetti
Instructor Office Hours: M and W at 3:00-4:00 PM or by appointment
Instructor Office: 0044A McPherson Lab
Secret Underground Laboratory: 0048 McPherson Lab

Notes ChapterSections Covered
Forces, Fields, and EnergyAll sections
Probability DistributionsAll sections
Kinetic Theory of GasesAll sections
Rotational MotionAll sections
Vibrational MotionAll sections
Equipartition of EnergyAll sections
ElectrostaticsAll sections
Wave MotionAll sections
ElectrodynamicsAll sections
Wave Particle DualityAll sections
Wave MechanicsAll sections
Free Particle and TunnelingAll sections
Quantum Harmonic OscillatorAll sections
Radiating Dipoles in Quantum MechanicsAll sections
Time Independent Perturbation TheoryAll sections
Quantum Particle in Three DimensionsAll sections
Quantum Rigid RotorAll sections
The Hydrogen AtomAll sections
Magnetism, Angular Momentum, and SpinAll sections
Identical Particles in Quantum MechanicsAll sections
Multi-electron AtomsAll sections
Diatomic MoleculesAll sections
Polyatomic Molecules (time permitting)All sections
Chemical KineticsAll sections